5th conference on
8 - 10 September 2020
University of Ljubljana | Slovenia

Due to coronavirus pandemics
we are postoponing the Plant Protease conference to 2022.

More information will be available in 2021 at

Looking forward to meeting you in Ljubljana in September 2022!

Welcome to the 5th international conference on
Plant Proteases: from structure to function in mechanisms of life and death.

Plant proteases are involved in nearly every regulatory process and subject of active research in virtually every field in plant biology in organisms ranging from unicellular algae to flowering plants. This meeting will again bring together researchers studying various aspects of this class of enyzmes. After the successful conferences organized in Hemavan, Sweden (2011), Barcelona, Spain (2013); Oxford, UK (2016) and Gent, Belgium (2018), we are delighted to host the 5th  conference in a green city of Ljubljana, located at the sunny side of the Alps.

This conference aims to present recent advances in diverse aspects of plant proteases including:

  • structural properties of plant proteases
  • natural substrates and inhibitors of plant proteases well as their interacting partners
  • technological platforms and tools for studying proteases
  • phylogeny and evolution of diverse plant protease families

We are looking forward to greeting you in Ljubljana in September 2020!



University of Ljubljana,
Ljubljana, SI

Renier van der HOORN

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK